Winter Warmth!

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A wintery idea to keep us warm!

This can be used for any cozy event! A Chanukah event! A women’s class, event or a kids club or just for our own kids for a winter birthday sleepover!

Fun to use as favors or even as teacher gifts, changing the label’s wording to your needs.

I re-packaged Liebers Hot Cocoa Packages into small sealable bags. (Found on line at papermart or uline, look for the ones with an adhesive strip. The size is about 3″x6″.

Then simply, place mini (or large:) marshmallows into another cello bag (size depends on your choice, here I used one that was 3.75 ” x 8″ (roughly) and slide your hot cocoa pack on top, securing the top of cello bag at the back with tape.

Then decorate with labels and tags and ribbon!

The coasters are adorable and match the labels and tags to make a beautiful set!

The CD vellum envelopes were also purchased with the above link (look under packaging) and these were used as an easy way for guests to take home their coaster!

Search for ‘Vintage Museo’ on the following link for labels, tags and coasters in this design, or for other designs click here as well:


Wishing you all much warmth!

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  1. Adorable, Chana, but make sure there’s no fish gelatin in the marshmallows if the hot cocoa contains milk. Love all your ideas! Freilichen Chanukah.

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