Chanukah For Our Kinderlach!

This scratch card is just for the Rabbi!:)
Little drawstring bags with coins and a dreidel for a fun game!
Marshmallows in a bag are so exciting for little faces!
A vellum CD envelope holds two scratch cards and a chocolate gelt coin in large! Decorated with a chalkboard sticker!

One of my most treasured moments in my life are the Chanukah ‘events’ we make just for our children!

Our children play such an important role in our shlichus and put in so much effort, patience and energy to do all they do!

So each year we have a Chanukah party just for our children. No guests, no guest speaker, no distractions, no homework….just a fabulous fun time, all of us together!

We play a real game of dreidel (very important as the little kids turn to teens!) where each person gets $5.00 worth of dimes and whoever wins that extra Chanukah gelt is a lucky one!! (Sometimes, if the need arises we send little ones to bed and continue with the older ones:)

This is also the only time of year I buy scratch and win cards for each child (and husband too!!…he gets the one that could win $20,000…hey…a Rabbi and Rebbetzin can only dream:).

I share with the kids that in life, the potential for great things and success is very much part of the journey to reach those goals, dreams and aspirations! So for a few days before they get to scratch their cards, it is always fun to talk about what potential lies ahead of them! (and yes, disappointment comes with potential, but if you don’t even try…you will never succeed).

(Don’t forget to write down what those kids would do if they win!)

We enjoy a Chanukah story, we learn, we treat ourselves to hot cocoa and marshmallows and popcorn! Some years we make latkes that night or doughnuts or even a fondue table!

These are the memories, more than our big events that attract hundreds and I can assure you, each year our kids await their very own special event!

Wishing you all a Freilichin Chanukah!

p.s. it is also so touching to see where the kids decide to send their maaser money to.

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    1. Thank you for your touching email! Juggling and balancing it all is such a cheallenge but I always ask myself, in 5 years from now, what would I like to be doing now….:) it just helps me evaluate the many things pulling at me:)

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