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I have made these before for other events and programs but I seem to come back to them all the time! What can compete with chocolate truffles in a cute little box?

What I especially like, which I wanted to share with you, is the square of tulle which I cut and placed gently under each truffle.

All you need to do is gently tuck lightly scrunched tissue paper squares in the box and then take one or two extra squares, adding a square of tulle on top.

Then place your truffle on top and gently nestle it into the box on top of scrunched up tissue.

I do prefer the boxes with a lid that is separate from the box but I will warn you, these are a pain to make! If you have a lot to make, I suggest using boxes with a folded lid.

These boxes I searched for on amazon (2″x2″ single truffle boxes with lids) so I do not have exact link. (sorry, I was searching for the perfect cream color!)

Labels are of course, my favorite…from (click on link on right of blog that says “myownlabels” to order).

(The labels are “Henna Scallop Labels in the size 1.75”)

Imagine using this for a fancy dinner, black boxes, silver tissue with a black square of tulle! How elegant!

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