In Loving Memory.

Resting on my craft table is a picture of my father at my wedding, his paintbrushes and a mug I had given my father from my children… a ‘Z’ for Zeidy.

Dear Friends,

Today is my father’s fourth Yahrtzeit, and an entire year since this blog was created in his memory.

There have been countless times where I have been crafting and creating and so desperately wishing to share with my father, in real life down on earth, what has inspired me.

How I yearn to show him the vibrant colors that swirl within my heart.

Last week I received a handful of paintbrushes that belonged to my father.

I looked at these worn brushes with flecks of paint that decorated them and became moved to tears.

As I held them in my hand, I reminisced of how specific his brush strokes would be, powerfully revealing colors, shades and textures, giving life and meaning to his artwork.

My father loved creating, painting, sculpting and even food presentation, all of which I still hold dear to me.

When we first become frum, I remember that my father would make beautiful gefilte fish platters that were symbolic of that weeks Parsha (Torah portion).  I remember the excitement I felt, as I tried to guess at what his design truly revealed, in those slices of gefilte fish, pickles and scallions! (not always an easy task!)

So, on this special day, I know my father is looking down from Shamayim, sending blessings from above.

Life is so precious and our journey so important.

Our days are truly the canvas of life that we paint and design.

We choose our brushes and we choose our brush strokes.

May we do so, with vibrant colors full of vitality, energy, love and affection.

May we do so, with a closeness to Hashem and a deep meaningful connection to our Yiddisheit (Judaism) and Chassidishkeit.

Please take a moment to ‘color’ your day today with a Mitzvah in memory of my father Shmuel Tzvi Ben Yosef, a”h.

A Mitzvah is an everlasting ‘brush stroke’ that has far reaching effects in our life, in our world.

May we all celebrate in Simchas only and may we all be re-united with our loved ones who  have passed away, and may we merit the ultimate simcha of all, the coming of Moshiach now!

And to my dearest Tatty, I miss you and love you beyond words can describe.

With much love,

Your daughter Chana.

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  1. Oy chana how lovely. U are gifted in so many Ways. May ur beautiful tribute and ur lufe be An aliyas neshoma I sent the contact #. Xxxx M

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  2. Beautifully said Chana. I know Ta is very proud of you. Your canvas of life is one of the most beautiful ever. Love Mom

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with all of us. This blog and everything you put on it is a source of inspiration as well as an incredible resource for us shluchos. May you be reunited with your father and all our loved ones with the coming of Moshiach Now!!

  4. Dear Chana Yasher koach for this blog of wonderful,creative & useful ideas.I’m positive that your father is looking down & shepping lots of naches from you,your family & all the events,programs,shabbosim,yomim toivim…that Shluchim do with that special touch of ideas from this blog. May you go’ mechayil el chail’ & may we all have much hatzlacha on our shlichus with the ikar =to bring MOSHIACH NOW!!!! Love Nechamah Dina

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  5. You have painted a picture in words besides for all the other creations you create .
    His neshoma should have an aliya and a lichtige gan Eden.

  6. That you are able to describe your father in such a beautiful way is a tribute to what he accomplished! Mah Zaro Bachayim, Af Hu Bachayim — you are truly keeping him alive by the way you channel each of your strengths into inspiring and helping others.

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