Let There be Light! – Olive Oil Jars for Chanukah!

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A new idea for Chanukah Mivtzoim, gifts to community members or even as packages to sell at a Chanukah event. Consider using this idea for infused oils for a program for women and girls in preparation for Chanukah.

These bottles I purchased at Crate and Barrel (although you may want to order in bulk something similar from specialtybottle.com).

I filled each one with olive oil (I know it has a slightly green tint as I used extra virgin olive oil:) and decorated it with a label on both the front and back. I also adorned the lid with a label and a matching tag.

(These will coordinate with a mini box of chocolate coins – photo soon to come).

This would be very classy, paired with an oil Menorah as a gift.

Another idea would be to fill smaller bottles and attach a great latke recipe! This would be a fun favor to give out at a Latke baking party or any Chanukah event!

It is easy and simple and has a beautiful look.

Chanukah is in the air!

Let there be light!

Good Shabbos everyone!

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