L’Chaim! The BIG 40!

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Mazal Tov to my dear husband, who turned 40, on Daled Cheshvan!

Not sure how that happened if I’m still 20:)…but that’s for another discussion!

So, iy”h this Friday night we will be celebrating with a shabbos dinner in honor of this special birthday!

In fact, we told everyone that we are celebrating 100 years!!!

You may be asking why? (and no, it’s not because that is how we feel!!!)

But rather, we are combining this special birthday with a close friend in our community who turned 60 on the same hebrew birthday!  (we found this out at an event we did offering to look up people’s hebrew birthdays!).

So together, both my husband and our friend, Dr. Kaplan, will collectively:) be celebrating 100 years!

To add to the decor of Friday night, without going over the top or exhausting ourselves:)…I thought of this tiny little touch that will just pull together the evening’s decor.

I have two kinds of labels, personalized for both my husband and Dr. Kaplan!

Keep this idea for special birthdays and simchas, Bar Mitzvahs and even Bas Mitzvahs or a little girls kiddush using a sweet champagne or liquor to make L’chaim on!

Just soak the bottle, scrub off label and adhere the new label!

It’s easy, special and classy!

May we always share in simchas!

Mazal Tov!

(Stay tuned for the mini mashke bottles with matching label coming soon!)

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