Spice and Spirit of Life.

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Well….not sure about anyone else out there but I literally am still trying to come up for air after a busy Tishrei!

Anyone else notice that there actually is a world that exists outside of my kitchen!

Ok, so here I have some special news to share with the world!

B”H my beautiful dear mother is engaged to a most wonderful man from London.

Amazing how life’s journey leads you to new findings, special people and miracles…always miracles.

How much more could a daughter wish for than to see her mother happy?

So here I am, having the time of my life making little favors and things for the chassunah.

A small and heimish simcha, with a beautiful start to iy”h many happy years!

This idea can be used for so many simchas, listed below are just a few uses for this special havdallah spice blend.

Simply fill jars with your own cloves or spice blend (I have a local friend who sells kosher spices including this Havdallah spice blend, email for me for details. wholespice.com)

Jars can be found on specialtybottles.com or at the container store or saveoncrafts.com

Labels can be purchased by clicking this link: (search for Henna Labels to match these)


Some Useful Ideas for this are:

  • A Favor for a Motzei Shabbos event after making Havdallah for guests
  • For a Bar MItzvah on a Motzei Shabbos – this can also be used as table settings and then used in the Havdallah itself.
  • A Chassunah favor that can be useful and educational if you include a havdallah How-to card and a Havdallah Candle.
  • A preschool or Hebrew School Shabbos theme where the kids could fill their own bottles etc.
  • Use as a package with a havdallah candle etc. in a Judaic Store to sell or at events as a PR marketing tool.

Wishing you all a beautiful shabbos!

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