Sweet Decor!

IMG_7358 IMG_7328 IMG_7324



An idea for Rosh Hashanah but easily replace the apple with a small round challah and instead of a honey stick, place a little bowl of honey in every one’s place to enjoy throughout the meal!


Sweet Mivtzoim Idea.


Easy decor for a Sukkah party or even a Yom Tov meal or even as Succos Party favors (honey sticks!)

To purchase tags click here: PURCHASE TAGS!

The cute mini honey dippers were from Save On Crafts , here is the link:


Wishing you a SWEET SUCCOS!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Decor!

  1. BUMMER! I so wish I had gotten this before Rosh Hashanna! This is a GREAT idea. I sent the honey sticks with challha and honey cake but could not come up with such a clever tag! Next year! Thank you for sharing! >^,,^< CIndy


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