Sukkah Craft!

IMG_0680 IMG_0714

Sorry, not great photos as these were from a project last Succos for the Aleph Art Room! (before this blog was born:)

But in any event, this was a FABULOUS craft that has so many uses from imaginative play to decorative!

What you will need:

  • Wood Glue (a safe brand for kids, maybe Elmers)
  • Cut pieces of wood as seen in photo (I went to a hardware store and asked the owner to donate long pieces to be cut to an appropriate size….sorry, I can’t tell you exact measurements.)
  • Wood pergo or simillar floor samples from a flooring store. They actually have these as samples and so again I asked if they could let me take a bunch! These are perfect squares that make a fantastic base for a sukkah!
  • Large popsicle sticks for the removable roof!
  • Cut out fabric leaves so it is long lasting or you can use real leaves from outside however these will dry out and make a mess, unless you possible shilak or modge podge them first.
  • I used Jenga Blocks for benches for the table and another wood piece for the table!
  • Get creative with adding a tablecloth, decorations and even a lulav and esrog which was made out of FIMO (just follow instructions on packet for baking).

This was a hit and really a fun project!


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