Tishrei Head Banz Game!

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RH YK images copy head Banz game

A really fun way to learn about all the symbols of Tishrei!

Simply cut out pictures and using paper clips, make a hat out of sentence strips found in teacher supply stores or at discountschoolsupply. (or use construction paper cut into strips).

You can use a timer if you wish or just play until you figure out who you are!

There are many different variations on this game, but the most basic idea is that each player puts cards on their forehead and tries to guess what is written there.

Either the game has a timer, and then each player can ask as many yes/no questions around the table as the time permits, or if there is no timer, a player can keep asking question until the answer is “no”.

If a player think he knows what is written on their card, he can instead of asking question guess what is written there. If he is correct, he keeps the card as a point, and draws another one. If the guess as incorrect, the turn advances to the next person.

If a player is totally lost, he can give up his card and draw a new one.

The game can be played either until a specified score is achieved, some predetermined amount of time, or simply when all players agree they feel it is time to do something different.

It is a very fun game!

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  1. thanks so much! it was great- the photos really helped it work with the mixed ages attending the program. gmar chasima tovah

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