Mazal Tov! Bubbles & Blessings!

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A unique gift idea from your Chabad when someone in the community has a baby!

Here I have taken clear bottles and filled them with a gentle baby body wash from EO and an adult Shower gel from EO too! (

Simply fill bottles with your ‘bubble wash’ of choice, stick a label on it and you now have a branded ‘Mazal Tov’ look!

Simply switch around your bottles as needed, so if someone is blessed with twin boys, just use two bottles of the ‘boy’ bubbles plus one each for the parents!

Slip a Shir L’maalos card into an envelope and even add a personal note or card about what it is for. Then add the sticker that sats Psalm 121, to keep it matching!

Lay them in a tissue paper lined box or simply place them in a cello bag tied with ribbon!

Lastly, tie a matching ribbon with tag to pull the whole look together!

It’s a sweet, meaningful gift that will leave long bubbly, lasting memories of their simcha!

Mazal Tov!

(These bottles were purchased from the Container store, but you can also get them from These are 3 oz. bottles with a flip top to make dispensing easy. The soap is from and the box was from a local store but you can order from paper The size of the box is 6″x6″. For the labels, tags and stickers (search for “Morocco” if you like this look.): CLICK HERE TO ORDER!)

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