Challah in a Bag!

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Definitely a new and unique way to give out challah!

This has become very popular to use in our shlichus as it is easy, very “go green” as these bags can be re-used and have a totally different look than the cello bags.

I like, that besides being able to hang the challah on someone’s door handle if they are not home, while the challah will be long gone, the bag still remains as a gift to use and remember the delicious taste of shabbos.

I must say that it certainly is helpful when your piping hot challah comes out of the oven on those minute by minute chaos filled Fridays, the bag can handle the heat!

So no sweat! Just leave the top open a bit and voila! warm challah to be shared with friends and family!

My stamp was from Three Designing Women as I received a gift coupon for it however I really prefer the expressionary website! (You will need to play around with your text and what to say and work with different designs depending on how many spaces you need for all your info.)

Have fun with choosing colors of ink, maybe to match your chabad logo or for different occasions!

The size of the bags I prefer are 8 x10 but check how big your challahs are:)

This idea has multiple uses including but not limited to:

  • Aleph Art Room or Hebrew School Supply Bags for kids.
  • A Mivtzoim Package for any Yom tov including Chanukah or yearly gifts like candle lighting magnets etc.
  • You can even fill with sweet little apples from a farmers market and add some honey sticks for a rustic look for a larger group!

Bags from ULINE

Stamp from Three Designing Women

Stamp from Expressionary

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