Mini Loaves take the Cake!

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This is my favorite cake pan, as it is the perfect size to give away as a gift, favor or even in a child’s lunch box for a special day!

Here I baked my honey cakes, 6 at a time in a cake pan I bought from Sur La Table.

For this pan, I do spray it with Pam Baking spray and they come out really smooth.

You can wrap these in parchment paper to slide them easily into cello bags or you can tuck them into a window bakery box and garnish with a ribbon or label.

You can also place the cake gently into a flat cardboard bottom cello bag and trip the top and tie with a ribbon.

To present this cake at an event, simply place a few mini cakes on a platter or cake pedestal, drizzle with a glaze of your choice (I like icing sugar and maple syrup) and slice one cake  and leave a knife tied with pretty ribbon to indicate to guests to help themselves to some decadence!

Click here to view pan: Baking Pan for Mini Cakes

Click here to view bags: Clear Bags with Hard Bottom

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