SpiritualiTEA…The Perfect Blend.

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Iy”h my brother in law in getting married in south Africa in a few weeks and although my husband will be the one to travel for the simcha, I was thinking of something special that he could bring as a gift for either the chasuna or another special moment.

The idea is that the ‘Weck’ Jars are filled with beautiful personalized silk tea bags. The tea I ordered from Harney and Sons (KSA Kosher) and the tags and labels and cards, I personalized from www.myownlabels.com (click this link to order).

I tied the tags onto each tea bag string and they really take on a whole new look!

This idea I have used before, anywhere from a Women’s event tea table, where the tags read: “Women and SpiritualiTEA…the Perfect Blend” to a Gourmet Kosher Cooking Class as a take home favor.

Each tea Jar will hold a different flavored tea and then a personalized card will describe the type of tea in that jar. Place little mini tongs next to each jar so guests can serve the tea easily.

My favorite elegant teas are : Paris, Yellow and Blue, Organic Bangkok, White Vanilla Grapefruit….

The Perfect Blend.

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  1. Hi Chana, I absolutely love this! I’m really not good with this stuff. Would you be able to give me a step-by-step “tutorial” how to put together these beautiful personalized tea canisters?

    Miriam Landa

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