May You BEE blessed!

IMG_6350 IMG_6346


Here is a simple idea that can be done for a Rosh Hashanah meal.

By using a tag, you can share your wishes for a sweet new year and play on the word “be” in connection to honey.

I prefer to make platters of freshly sliced apples, yet don’t hesitate to add a beautiful slice of apple right on the plate next to your napkin!

I plan to use these tags for everything from challah and lekach to jars of honey and apples!

Especially during a hectic time such as Yom Tov, finding ways to make everything look beautiful and impressive, while keeping sane, is key!

(I get my kosher honey sticks from a local kosher honey farm, Marshall Farms.)

If you wish, use these tags as guest table settings, by writing their name at the bottom.

If you need a large quantity, it may be cheaper to order labels and stick them on cards, then slide it under the ribbon. Still looking beautiful!

Click Here to Order tags!




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