Making Birthdays Special in Camp!


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As two pieces of my heart boarded a plane tonight to camp, I feel jet lagged from the tremendous efforts of purchasing, packing and preparing!

Iy”h my daughter will be celebrating her birthday at camp and although it is usually a homesick day, I tried whatever I could to make it extra special.

So here are cute little boxes which we made together for her to share with her bunk.

Just a little something to celebrate the day, with friends.

I re-packaged beads in small bead tubes (found at a local bead store), and bought bracelets that can be beaded by each girl as an activity and worn throughout camp.

In addition, we matched similar colors of embroidery thread so each girl can make her own friendship bracelet and even exchange it with a friend!

The mini buttons are to be worn just by the celebrating bunk!

Memories to last longer than the day itself.

Wishing my daughter a most beautiful birthday with Gezunt and Brachos and Koach and much happiness!

I love you Devorah Leah!

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  1. Mazal tov for the mommy & Devorah Leah !! Sooo cute!! Hope she has a gr8 time in camp Gosh,can’t believe she’s gonna be in CIT bunk Remember our AJC year?? Memories….. Love lots Nechamah Dina

    Nechamah Dina Broner Sent from my iPhone

  2. Hi- I love seeing your ideas :)) Thanks so much for sharing. Btw, what would you suggest for a boy who celebrates his bday in camp? Take care!

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