Air Mail!


My camp memories are still so vivid in my mind especially as it was the turning point in my life as I had just recently become frum.

In fact, as my girls go off to the same camp I attended, if I close my eyes and concentrate, I can see before me my friends, loving counselors and even hear the sounds of laughter, learning, happiness.

I love writing to my kids when they are in camp, I still have all the cards my mother sent me and I cherish them to this day.

So here I found a pad of paper that I remember from days ago!

The ‘old’ style air mail paper that was the envelope and stationary in one!

This is easy to make even now, by folding a piece of paper as a tri-fold and secure sides with a sticker and then the end as well.

A fun way to send our kids letters or to make for an easier communication experience for them! (just pre address, add stamp and no worries about an envelope!).

Don’t forget to add a sticker, a sweet little touch from home!

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