S’more Idea for Camp!

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Dear Friends,

Phew! down to the last  minutes until shabbos!

I gave myself this little treat of blogging today!

Ok, so here is what I’m doing for my 3 older kids going to overnight camp!

It was called a “Mommy Survival Kit” and of course it was a cute little canister from the container store , packed with mini s’mores packages for their camp experience!

I made all of mine Gluten free and pareve using marshmallows from whole foods, chocolate from “enjoy life” (which does add a cute message to the whole deal!) and gluten free graham crackers.

Of course the tag is personalized with a note to each child and don’t forget the longer airplane card (remember airplane letters:) for each kid, wishing them all the things we hold dear to our hearts.

This is a great idea to send as a package to kids while they are in camp too!

(don’t forget two skewers tucked inside as well for sharing a treat!)

Enjoy this ‘s’more’!!:)

Good Shabbos!

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