Challah in a Bag. (with link to Labels)


To Order Your Own Custom Labels Click Here.

Using a clear Cello bag and a label and ribbon or Tulle is a very sweet way to package Challah.

The labels are especially great for when you are dropping off Challah and wish to include basic Chabad Info, so they know it’s from you.

When ordering labels think about your color combinations so you can best coordinate your ribbon and label.

  • Cello Bags can be ordered in bulk online from or other websites.
  • Make sure you check your sizing of your challahs (it’s always better to get a taller bag and trim the top than having one that is too short.
  • I find that a 8″ x 12″ is good as long as it is has gussets so it has more room for the depth of your Challah.
  • You can also order cello bags that have flat bottoms where there is a piece of cardboard at the bottom. These are nice when you would like the presentation of your challah to stay upright. (slightly more expensive though).

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