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Here is a simple yet different way to package Challah.

This is nice when you wish to showcase one Challah or two small Challahs or even a round Challah. A nice idea for special Mivtzoim.

Just by placing crinkle pieces of paper in the bottom of the box, or even tissue paper, you can create a beautiful look.

Feel free to use this same look using a white colored box as opposed the craft box (this is California, so the crafty, environmental, ‘green’ look works best!).

Use ribbon of your choice depending on the occasion (lace for a delicate shabbos look, navy blues or black for men, pink or floral for women…).

Think about who you are giving it to and color coordinate it as necessary.

Also know how big you make your challah:)….you need to have this in mind so that your challah will fit in your box, bag etc. My Challahs are small and chubby…I kind of like the look and can get more out of my batch of dough!

Use labels if you wish, and embellish with anything like a gemstone or flower as I did.

  • Boxes can be found at (bakery boxes)
  • Krinkle paper or tissue paper (michaels or paper
  • Ribbon – any craft store or

*Note that the challah will get stale if left in the box so you may wish to include a bag inside, under the challah or to wrap the Challah in a plastic bakery bag and then place it  in the box. You can still keep the ‘look’ as above as the Challah will still show through in the window.

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    1. Thanks Raizy!
      Please order any labels from the link on the right of my blog posts.….you will automatically help benefit our Chabad.
      thanks! Call me on my cell if you need help finding your way on their site.
      best, Chana 415 419 7296

  1. hi chana
    chaya rochel lieberman here
    love your sight!!
    please post your recipe your challah looks amazing

  2. Another quick question. What size boxes did you order that fit the cahlla so perfectly?


  3. Can you please post a link for the boxes? Wanted to use it for an apple and honey gift basket but have been on for 20 minutes and can’t seem to find it. Thanks so much for all your great ideas!!

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