The Aleph Art Room – Getting Started.

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The Aleph Art Room created by Chana Scop is in loving memory of my father Shmuel Tzvi ben Yosef a”h.

I have had many requests about how to create the Aleph Art Room and what steps to take, so I hope this information is helpful.

Here are some documents that I created last summer as I prepared for this program which I had never done before. Obviously, with the experience of a running a first time new program there are things that I will be changing for this year based on what worked for me and I will include these personal notes of experience in case they may be of help to you.

OK, so here is how to start this program. This is an Art Program that has the same content as Hebrew School with the added benefit of the hands-on creative aspect. Children and in turn, their families can experience Yiddishkeit in a very exciting and fun way, taking home practical application and the tools to bring Yiddishkeit into their lives.

To begin:

  • Make a list of all the people in your community who you think would enjoy being a part of this program.
  • Create a Registration page online (see for ours.)
  • Choose a venue depending on your shlichus.
  • Send a personal email describing the program (you can see some info. below) and feel free to add anything else like the calendar, curriculum, schedule template and even a flyer (all attached below). Mention in the email that you look forward to being in touch in a few days with a phone call to see if they have any questions. (personal connection is always very important…in fact if you can, it’s even better to go out to meet, or go to their homes to share about this fabulous new program).
  • Use your poster for PR in places like community centers etc. or feel free to make a postcard about the Aleph Art Room to mail out, if this works in your community.
  • Direct people to register online so you can plan accordingly since you will have different amounts of sign ups for different workshops.
  • Create a Budget page so you can keep track of expenses and profit.
  • Plan your schedule and projects.
  • Keep in touch with parents to get them excited about the program.
  • Make any orders of Aleph Champ items, posters for your classroom or other decor to keep the look unique. (more ideas on that to be posted soon.)
  • You will see my flyer below which has a blue background….this obviously was made with pictures from other programs and once you get started, you will see how you wish to make your flyers resemble the real thing! (see new flyer for 2013 below).


  • I really exhausted myself by having almost no break in between each 4 week workshop series. I will plan my calendar this year with better timing for me.
  • I realized that there was not enough time in the Hebrew Learning Workshops to actually accomplish what I would have liked in terms of reading so I will now offer a half hour of Hebrew Learning at the end of each Jewish Holiday Workshop. So usually the workshop is from 3:30 – 5:00pm, and I will now extend this to 5:30 with an option for kids to stay and learn Hebrew.
  • By adding the extra 1/2 hour, I can now rely on more consistent reading skills being taught and keep my schedule more open so I can better prepare for each workshop.
  • I will adjust pricing accordingly although I have not figured that out yet, but always consider your time, expertise, what you offer, supplies and the experience.

If you have any more questions about The Aleph Art Room, don’t hesitate!

HL Series 1 parent handout



schedule template

schedule template



Aleph Art Room flyer 2013

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