Simple Sticker Cupcakes!

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Today was Chaim Boruch’s 7th Birthday!

We celebrated the day feeling so grateful for the many brachos in our life and for all that he teaches us about life and living.

Chaim Boruch LOVES school busses! He goes to his special school riding a yellow school bus so it truly is very close to his heart:)

Here is a VERY simple way to decorate cupcakes!

I bought 2 packs of stickers with a school theme and stuck them onto toothpicks!

(consider using symmetrical stickers, sticking them back to back on both sides of toothpick, when you will be showing both sides of the cupcakes , or both sides of a platter)

That’s it!

It looked so cute and was so very meaningful to him and so very easy for me to do!

The ideas are endless! Think Flowers for a little girl, car stickers with Aleph Beis for a boy, think baby themed stickers for a bris or kiddush! The ideas are endless!

May we always only share in simchas!

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  1. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing once again and Mazel Tov for Boruch’s birthday….much nachas from him, always!

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