A Beautiful Challah!

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I look forward to sharing some creative ways to display, give, package Challah!

So, over the next week I will be sharing these ideas, complete with ‘how to’ instructions and resources to purchase any items you may need.

Here is a very soft, gentle and beautiful way to display Challah that is being used for a simcha, such as a Wedding or even a Bas Mitzvah Kiddush or Dinner.

You may want to experiment with different colored tulle, so for a fancy Shabbos dinner, you may want to try black colored Toole, with a gold place setting card. Or gold colored Tulle with a black place card writing the guests name in gold.

Consider wrapping small mini challahs in this way for a very grand effect as individual table setting with the option of a place card peeking out from the tulle, with a guests name.

This packaging looks best not placed in a bag but rather left to show off it’s look. To give as a gift, I would place this in a box as you will see in a future post.

To Create this look you will need:

  • Tulle of your choice. I bought 2 large spools of tulle in the colors gold and cream from save-on-crafts.com.
  • Lay down the tulle across the top of the challah and bring both ends to the back of the challah gently. Then exchange both ends in your hands so they are now going in a different direction behind the challah (kind of making a mini twist at the back).
  • Now bring both ends to back to the front and tie in a bow on top of your first layer of tulle. Trim ends of bow and gently pull bow to expend it’s look.


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