Counting My Blessings! (please vote:)


I know…this picture will bring a smile to your face! But really…it made me so much more relaxed while we went on a little vacation!

B”H we were given a trip to Disneyland (a 10 hour drive from me) from Chai Lifeline in LA, who deeply understands the needs of siblings of a special needs child (never mind their families too!).

So of course, besides the excitement, came the thought of watching all the kids in a crowded busy venue!

We decided to add to the fun with customized T-shirts that said “Scop Family Vacation 5773” and then on the back was each child’s birth order!

Seriously….I could see who was missing from a mile away!! In fact we may have been a mini attraction ourselves!

We used these the following week at Lake Tahoe and decided to enter this picture into the weekly contest to win a gift certificate for a future purchase.

So, here it is!

An idea for your family vacations, a family simcha or a special occasion!

Customink were really professional and helpful as they took care of all the design as I was struggling with vertigo and couldn’t go on the computer!

So, if you have a moment, please vote on my picture by clicking this link:

Thanks so much!

Stay tuned for more posts about Aleph Art Room and Challah Packaging ideas!

Have a peaceful, safe and healthy summer!

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  1. wow Kah!! lots of nachas from your family. My filter on computer for some reason blocks the blog links but I will try from another computer.

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