From the desk of Chana : ‘Jarring’ Creativity.

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Dear Shluchos,

I was asked to write a blog post for which is to publish next week. This blog post was to describe how I use these amazing vinyl erasable labels for organizing all my little things.

I really enjoyed writing this post and wanted to share it with you. (see below)

Whether you are looking to organize your Chabad House, School, Hebrew School or office, I wanted pass along these amazing labels because you can write on them and erase them, using them for so many things.

A few other uses for these labels are:

  • Personalizing the labels to say “Chabad Preschool of….” or “Chabad Hebrew School”or “Mini Chefs of…”sticking them on pencil boxes or containers for the kids to use during their program. This way you can write the child’s name on it so they can keep their supplies and you can re-use it each year as students change.
  • Personalize your supplies needed for ongoing programs to add that professional look.
  • Use it to stick on glass jars filled with cookies as a gift, personalizing your label with a personal note, like “wishing you a complete recovery”, or “Good Shabbos from…”
  • Use it to organize containers on a child’s shelf as an incentive to help them enjoy how to be organized and prepared for school work etc.
  • Use it to label plain file folders for a child on the online school program, or in your own shlichus work, where your file names are constantly changing depending on the time of year.
  • Use it on a Honey Jar, for Mivtzoim before Rosh Hashanah, with a personal written note from the Shliach/Shlucha.
And now a bit from my heart:
My favorite little place in the world.

My desk with my imagination.
I waited for many years for this table and for my 15 year anniversary I received this desk as a gift from my husband.
It’s not just a craft table…it’s space.
Space to dream, to imagine, to create, to ponder, to wonder to embrace my inner thoughts and watch them come alive.
I love that this table has height. Not just because I’m short and enjoy the added inches without heels:) but because it seems closer to that special place in the world called imagination.
Imagination and creativity, rooted so deep within one’s soul, yet expressed from our minds and the thoughts we think.
High above the craft table, I imagine creativity clouds, kind of like thought bubbles found in comic strips.
Clouds that rain down with ideas, clouds that shade my fears, clouds that sprinkle thoughts that sprout into wonderful creations.
When I sit at my table, in my space, I am a blossom waiting to bloom, soaking up the nourishing raindrops from my cloud of creativity, hovering above me, letting sunlight shine through and yet shading me from harmful rays…all at the same time.
I love to adjust what rests on top of my desk and re-arrange all that fills my cubbies…so much like life…changes, finding fulfillment and re-arranging the thoughts in our minds.
I have a passion for organization, detail and labels!
I could label everything in sight, it’s kind of like that little extra (sticky) detail that seriously calms my soul.
So here I have labeled my craft jars with labels that say “Chana’s Art Room”, “Where the colors of my soul come to life”, “A Creative Jarring Experience!”.
Maybe what I connect deeply with is that these bottles contain creative embellishments, and while one must be careful not to ‘bottle’ things up, always remember there’s a way out, if you do.
Every person can embellish their life…add some glitter, sparkles, ribbon….laughter, love, spirit.
Label your ‘vessel’ that holds your creativity, your thoughts, your imagination.
And these labels are erasable…just like human nature with strengths and weaknesses.
You can always change the contents, you can always change the label.
It’s all how you look at life.
So Make it personal. Label it. Love it. Create it. Erase it. Create it again. Love it more.
Life : A creative ‘jarring’ experience.
p.s the best markers to write and erase with are the “Le Pen” pens that can be found in most stationary stores with many color options to match your labels!

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