Pinn it!

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So simple and so cheap and so much fun!

Seriously, even I keep making new clothes pins with this new idea!

All you need is clothes pins, adhesive fabric (as seen above) or scrapbooking decorative paper, tissue paper, sequins, gemstones, feathers….ANYTHING you can think of to embellish!

Using a glue stick, an adhesive roller, or double sided strong tape, just adhere your craft medium and have fun!

A great craft for Hebrew school, camp or just the kids!

My daughter uses hers as a marker for her chitas, but it also can be used in a bedroom on a wall to clip hairs accessories, notes, etc.

For the wall idea, simply pin a ribbon (or use a decorative nail) and hang a strand of pretty  ribbon from it. Then using these hand-made clothes pins, pin whatever you wish to the ribbon!

Another idea is to string a ribbon across the wall (or one end of a bookshelf to another) and use clothespins to hang artwork, photos etc.

You can even add magnetic tape the the back and use as magnetic clips for your fridge for all those papers!!!

Happy Pinning!

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