Birthdays are Special

waterproof removable labels are from and bottles are from, the straws I found a while ago on from ACME.

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Mazal Tov to my daughter on her 11th Birthday!

Birthdays are always very special in our house, they come with grand celebration, beautiful hachlotas and the unique day specific to the one who’s birthday it is!

It’s not just the actual day, but the often weeks and months preceding where I spend time listening to my children dream (I know where they get that gene from!), come up with fancy menus and delicacies, mentioning their favorite treats…and of course the little details of what kind of birthday they’d like…something that is unique to that child.

It’s a special time where we share in ideas about where we are holding in chassidishkeit and where we aspire to be and acknowledging the challenge in life itself.

I love making my children’s birthdays and iy”h tomorrow morning my daughter will have some friends over to celebrate!

We are having a picnic style birthday, complete with mini picnic baskets filled with fresh cherries, sandwiches, mini salads and dressings, chips and snacks.

We will also enjoy a home made smoothie poured into a personalized bottle and take along as we head to the park for a story, dvar Torah by the birthday girl and psukim, tzedakah and fun!

We will head home for a delicious ice cream bar and some crafts for the summer ahead!

We will be decorating cotton bags for our sunglasses (from the dollar store!) using stamps, ink and gemstones and glue. We will talk about “seeing the good” in life and “shading our eyes” from negativity.

Each girl will take home their sunglasses and ‘case’ as well as a real eye glass cleaner from our optometrist Dr. Eliot Kaplan (Mill Valley Optometry) who so kindly donated a dozen of them in the same color!

We will also decorate the rim of the picnic basket with fabric flowers and a diary/notebook using scrapbooking supplies! (more pictures once the craft is done!).

In addition we will be decorating clothespins that can be used as a bookmark or a marker for chitas! (again…more pictures soon!)

Wishing all of us many beautiful happy birthdays!

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  1. thank you so much for sharing. it gives me a boost to be more attending to my own children. mazal tov !!!

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