Shavuos Board Game!

IMG_4183 IMG_4181 Shavuos label game

Ok, ever been a little HUGE AMOUNT behind schedule!

It’s my hectic Wednesday with too much on the list and not enough time!

But I woke up in the morning and asked myself, “What am I doing for the Rebbe today?”…and somehow when I remember amidst my morning rush, with my eyes still closed tight, begging me to stay closed!…I see that things get done with that much more strength and hiskashrus.

Remember…it’s all a journey.

And so here it is, my last minute attempt at a craft for Aleph Art Room (because decorating cookies wont be enough) taking place in 2.5 hours! (see….I’m completely calm…in fact I just saw a cute quote using the popular “Keep Calm & Carry On” motto,  that read : “I can’t KEEP CALM…because I have ANXIETY”…ok…so I have a bit of that today:)

Anyways, here it is, although not my best crayon picture of Har Sinai (in fact my 4 year old’s picture came out way better!)…a board game for Shavuos!

Here’s how to make it:

  • Using a tall piece of art paper or card stock, have the kids design their paper like Har Sinai…with either flowers all over, grassy green colors, or browns etc. You can paint, color, pencil, the whole paper (I think would look nicer that way as opposed to a lonely mountain on the top of a blank sheet.
  • Then print the Avery Labels 5293 (circle labels of 1 and 2/3rds diameter) either with the little Shavuos points I wrote or feel free to add your own!
  • Print out 49 circles per child (2 sheets of 24 plus one more circle label). I gave out a sheet of blank ones os the kids could write their own directions like “move ahead 6 spaces”, “move back 1 space”, and have fun with their own design.
  • After they finish their Har Sinai picture on the paper, have the kids add their circle labels going in a snaking line all the way up to their Har Sinai at the top of the page.
  • The kids can put their labels in any order and draw arrows to keep the direction clear.
  • Buy or make dice for the kids to take home with game. (I was in a rush and bough t a game called Dozen Dice at an Ideal Stationary store that had 17 dice in it for $11.99 but I am sure you can find much cheaper…again…last minute doesn’t yield best results!)
  • Using little pieces of wood, or anything really! The kids can stick on ice c-cream stickers, flower stickers or any design of your choice! You can use FIMO dough or crayola dough to make your own ‘pieces’ for the game to play with.
  • Teach kids to play, roll dice, count spaces….read the Shavuos insight and wait your turn:) until you get to play again!!


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  1. Nice idea! I did the same thing, like chutes and ladders a few years ago on a very large “board.” The playing pieces were soda bottles, questions to answer in order to roll the dice and move ahead, etc., and the winning team gets all the soda. (Of course you could use something healthier…)

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