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and now…the scoop on Shavuos:IMG_3921 IMG_3885 IMG_3892IMG_3904

I thought I would share a very easy and fun component to our Shavuos Ice cream party!

We will be making these cute little envelopes of sprinkles, a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, and present these on our ice cream buffet table!

We will also be announcing to our Aleph Art Room students that whoever comes to hear the Aseres Hadibros will get to choose an extra special pack of ice cream sprinkles and toppings! (these will be a limited amount, and each packet will be different!  )              Some with marshmallows, some with gummies, some with twizzlers…etc.)

Take this to an added level and place a raffle ticket inside as well, for a variety of prizes.

You can also use this idea for adults, by placing a winning ticket inside for a specific prize, or chabad house ‘bonus’, like 2 free Challah’s for next shabbos, a Shabbos dinner for 4…etc.)

Just an added dimension that will encourage kids and adults:) to celebrate this special yom tov!

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