Gum Ball Machine Cupcakes!

jbn 069 jbn 068

Made these for one of my kids birthdays a while ago and while I was looking through photos, this one caught my attention.

Every time I see it, it makes me smile.

Don’t know why…maybe it’s nostalgia of those childhood vending machines or maybe it’s remembering my child’s smile on that special day.

Just ice with a creamy mixture of confectioners sugar and a very tiny drizzle of water. Then the red gel icing as shaped above and then using your fingers, gently sprinkle the ‘gum balls’ in! (before the icing dries!)

Oh…and careful not to bump the container of sprinkles on the floor! They do bounce!

(been there. done that:)

p.s. I would probably make these again using a safe food colored icing/gel…back then, I wasn’t so careful:(

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