Women’s Events Decor, Ideas and Favors!


A few years ago at my “Women Illuminating the World” event, we gave out small Tehillim to start a Tehillim Club initiative. The little berry baskets with Tehillim were favors with a fancy tea bag from Harney and Sons. The tag that I tied to the teabag read: “Women and SpiritualiTEA…The perfect blend”.
This initiative didn’t continue as I had hoped which was a good learning lesson that sometimes it takes a while to see what the needs are and to strategize on those projects that will be most successful and utilize our time and energy the best.


A full buffet table at my friends home was used for our Tea.
This is an easy was to budget an event where you don’t want to serve a full meal.
Gazpatcho in glasses, tea sandwiches, endives with cream cheese, fruit, wrap pinwheels and desserts!


I bought tea cups and saucers from IKEA as I didn’t want to use disposables since the focus was on a womens ‘tea’. Here I baked cut out sugar cookies from a fun cookie cutter made with a slit to fit over a rim of a cup.


Another unique idea is to make a silent auction of baked goods!


Yogurt toppings were offered at a women’s breakfast event.


Fresh salads like this one, spinach with grilled red onions is my favorite! I hope to post recipes soon!


Mini bud vases (actually very cheap shot glasses:) were favors! This event was before Shavuos and so I gave out a card with information all about women and flowers and Shavuos. The little box is my ‘branding’, with a chocolate truffle from LeChocolate. The tag had a quote about Chocolate!


Chocolate is natures way of making up for Mondays.
(the breakfast event was on a Monday morning)


Fresh salmon, french toast and a yogurt bar as well as fresh salads were a perfect menu for Breakfast! Of course, coffee and tea too!

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    • Thanks! Not feeling amazing at all:(
      Sick in bed with swollen glands and some virus making me feel so tired!…and a big women’s event in 2 weeks!
      Ahhh! Iyh all will be good!!!

  1. Hi Chana
    going through my old precious posts from you which i make sure to savve becasue they are so great and – I thought you once posted one on a soup bar- was that my imagination? Can you send to me if yes? I am hoping to do one for a b day farbrengen I am having in kislev.

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