Lag B’omer & YiddishKITE day!


Basic yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing and a handmade kite! Just type multiple “YiddishKITE Day” on a page with adequate room to cut them out into kite )diamond) shapes! Add a string and using glue dots or adhesive, just adhere to toothpick!…and remember…not every cupcake needs one to set the decor!


Some things we do only FOR OUR OWN CHILDREN…as in the cotton candy machine we rented in our backyard so we could make cotton candy and package it for the Lag B’Omer picnic!…note…your children will remember this!


and of course, retro style popcorn bags!


What is a BBQ without s’mores? Here were simple little s’mores in boxes so guests could make their own!


Lemonade bar!

A few fun ideas for your Lag B’Omer event!

Here we did a BBQ and a YiddishKITE day!

My father a”h had helped coordinate a YiddishKITE day when I was younger, designing the Jewish themed kites to soar high in the sky!

Here we had a table of plain white kites to decorate with Mitzvah pictures to trace on using permanent markers!

As for the food! We had fun with these little delights!



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