NESHEK with a vintage look!

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As I work on my ‘spa for the soul’ event which I have re-named as “Women Illuminating the World”, I wanted to share you a new antique almost retro take on a Shabbos tea light package.

These will include a business size card or similar type card with instructions on how to bentch licht.

To make these beautiful favors:

  • Purchase 3″x5″ bags from any craft store or save-on, made out of linen. (linen drawstring bags 3×5 12 bags for $5.99)
  • Stamp front of bag with personalization like our chabad stamp from (works just fine with the ink that it comes with.)
  • Slide 2 tea lights (very cheap from IKEA) into bag so they lie flat, not one on top of the other otherwise bag wont close:)
  • To make the match boxes, purchase small match boxes from any hardware store or safeway in the BBQ section. They come in various size packs. I chose the small mini ones that you slide the box of matches out from the cardboard casing.
  • To decorate, I used adhesive fabric paper that I found at a craft store but really any paper will work even if you adhere it yourself with double sided tape or a craft adhesive (I wouldn’t suggest using a glue stick as it may not adhere well). Try a sticky embellishment roller tape. Of course, this adds another step so ideally see if you can find something adhesive that looks pretty! (Maybe even washi tapes!).
  • Measure, cut and adhere the paper of your choice and voila! Home made match boxes that look beautiful!
  • You can add sequins, a label, glitter to your delight!                                                 For my needs and style I preferred to keep it looking vintage and simple! (for a change:)
  • Slide the matchbox on top of the tea lights and then slide in the neshek card. Pull drawstring and tie in a loose knot or bow!

I will post the card that you can print to go with the Neshek in another post as soon as it’s complete!

I think these are beautiful to have in the Chabad house, your home, your purse!! And of course to slip in a business card will be easy to add upon meeting someone!

More ideas to come!

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  1. Dear Chana,
    You are so detailed in your posts! Thank you for so many ideas and an inspirational way you shared it with others! I could only dream one day attend one of your Torah & Tea classes and witness the sparking light in delighted kids who could learn from such a Teacher! And here we all are the kids 🙂

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