‘Spring’ into Shavuos…

shavuos Shavuos Handout final pdf

Shavuos Handout in word

Ummm….anyone else out there feel like they are barely coming up for air after a busy Pesach?

So maybe the kitchen is back to normal and the taste of garlic, cilantro and 6 layer cakes fill a certain creative void but really…I’m somewhat having a hard time letting go nostalgic of yom tov afternoons with everyone around, chatting, playing, sharing and just being together….all the time.

To  me this is really the icing on the cake, a Pesach cake…that is.

In all honesty, I’m facing ‘Yom Tov withdrawal syndrome’.

But Spring is here and so is my ‘to do list’, so I decided to combine the two.

Always looking to re-define, re-design, re-group…I find myself outside under a market umbrella enjoying the sounds of the kids playing and typing as fast as they’ll let me.

So here is a new season of blog posts, a new season of blossoms.

More posts to come as I jump in on my women’s event taking place on Lag B’Omer, Shavuos crafts and Ice Cream ideas for our next Yom Tov…

Until then, enjoy this Shavuos Booklet that I made for a Flower arranging class for women.

I used this as my ‘class’ guideline and it was one of my favorite programs!

The booklet doubled as a ‘take home’ source of inspiration.

I called my favorite florist and asked the lady who I’m friendly with if she would come and teach a class and bring all the equipment, flowers etc. I asked women to bring a vase and charged a minimal fee for the evening. (I paid for all the flowers from the flower mart as well as her time).

It was a very highly energizing evening with refreshments camaraderie, laughter and creativity.

A special thank you to Sara Bluming for use of some of her class points as well as Chabad.org.

Wishing you all easy transitions into beautiful beginnings.

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  1. Wow Chana, I am so impressed and inspired by your amazing talents! Some things never change:)
    Your friend from long ago,
    Rivky Kaplan

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