A Crunchy Center Piece

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So simple yet so cute!

Here is a Matzah Bud vase for kids to take home or for your very own Pesach decor…(if we can even get to that part!)

All you need is two vases of very similar if not equal heights. I found a shot glass and a drinking glass in a dollar store which fit perfectly. (you may need to try fitting one in the other until you  find the perfect match!)

Place the smaller ‘vase’ inside the larger one.

Then you can add pieces of Matzah (any kind) by sliding, dropping them in between the two glasses.

With adult supervision for older kids or for the adult making the project, use a glue gun to seal the small space in between the glasses.

This will seal the vase.

Then simply add water and flowers!!

My favorite are these ranunculus which are absolutely stunning! I love the layers and the colors!

This is a fun Pesach visual for kids to take home that will surely become a conversation piece!


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