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Here is a fun seder plate!

By making the items with the kids, one at a time, helps to re-inforce what they are and their significance. It also helps them to remember the items.

I bought drums from Discount School Supply (“decorate your own drums”) and turned them into a seder plate. The cover comes off easily and allows you to stick circle stickers on to mark where each item goes. (or you can draw your own circles).

The kids painted the “Seder Plate” silver and then molded the FIMO clay (found at Michaels) to make each item.

We shared with the kids that they can use this for dramatic play, imaginative play and also to bring to their own Seder.

The Seder plate is on top of a Matzah designed placemat (or matzah cover) that we will paint with browns and golds and creams. (Fabric paint and Fabric puff paints).

I bought the fabric placemats from discount School Supply.

This is a nice multiple step project that will enhance each child’s pesach experience since they can use the placemat as a matzah cover or a placemat for themselves. (and it is machine washable).

All these Seder craft items fit as a set and will last for future Pesach experiences.

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  1. i love this entire set! i’m not finding the fabric placemat on discount school supply…do you remember what name it goes by on the site? also, do you mind describing in a bit more detail how how to make this matzah cover/placemat?
    thanks for everything!!

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