Canvas Matzah Cover or Placemat


These are “Canvas Placemats – set of 12 for $7.99 from Discount School Supply.

I first used fabric paints in a beige and light brown color, making strokes to copy the ‘design’ of Matzah.

This is a really nice way for the kids to pay attention o detail and you can even show the kids real Matzah and have them try copy the ‘look’ and texture of it.

This project will come out really well no matter what age the artist is, since even a three year old just painting ‘random’ strokes, will make their placemat or matzah cover look great!

For older children you can teach them how to write “Matzah” in Hebrew.

After you paint the fabric paint strokes, add some lines of Puff paint (bronze, gold, creams) and have the kids draw lines, dots etc. to create the texture once it dries.

Note: You can also squeeze puff paints onto a palette and have the kids use that as paint too, it will come out as a harder textured stroke.

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