‘Silver’ for the Seder

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A simple craft for Pesach for all ages.

Here I used the hard plastic disposable wine glasses (from smart and final) that come in two pieces, the cup, and the base.

I tried this two ways and both looked great however this one had more sparkle to it.

I detached the base and used glue (for glitter….made by Martha Stewart and found in Michaels) to cover the underneath part of the base of cup.

Then I sprinkled extra fine silver glitter all over and shook off any remaining glitter.

I let this dry and the glue turned clear, leaving just the glitter to sparkle through the plastic base. Then I added adhesive pearls which gave it an extra special touch.

Feel free to adapt with other gemstones or even with acrylic silver glitter paint (which was my first sample experiment.).

Purchasing the wine glasses with the piece that detaches allows for easy washing of the cup although the glitter and glue may be ruined if it gets too wet.

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