Purim by the Sea


So the hit of the evening were the fish swimming around the vases which were the center pieces! I feel like I am well versed in gold fish, conditioner for the water, how many cups fit into a gallon, how many fish can survive in a gallon!!
I must say that there will be a chance your children will grow fond of the little fish and you may find yourself in a pet store on Shushan Purim choosing a 10 gallon acquarium to house your new little buddies:)…don’t say I didn’t tell you:)


I stacked the 18″ x 5.5″ vases on top of an 8″ x 8″ x 4″ glass square to give it added height. I rented these both from a party rental store although I would have purchased these vases knowing I will use them well. (I did see these vases on saveoncrafts.com). The blue pebbles and sand and shells I bought from saveoncrafts.com and I sprinkled the sand on the corners of the glass square base. Then I added the pebbles and shells to around the base, straight on the table cloth.


I made the little ‘note in a bottle’ and gently set it down on the corner of the glass square. But if you don’t use a base, this can all go directly on the table cloth.


I ordered cheap orange goggles from ebay and used them to around the top of the vases to make the center pieces have more impact and to match the color of the gold fish since I knew I could only put one or two gold fish in 2 gallons of water.
Here I set out the mishloach manos boxes around the center pieces and then the cups with the blue polka dot (bubbles:) straws. The cups were empty but again, they supported the decor and lifted ones eyes to the tables since the venue wasn’t a stunning one!


The goggles were really fun….I think even the fish liked them!


I bought fish net from http://www.funexpress.com and attached two together and strung it across the room. Then I tied these life savers into the fish net and it really gave the room a nautical look! So easy and inexpensive!


On each table I filled a little bowl with fish crackers and a little flag that said “Catch of the Day”…a cute little addition.


These boxes arrived and were smaller than I expected but in the end, I spent less on the contents but made them really cute. Each box had a Hamantashen and gummy fish and candy fish as well as a packet of chocolate pebble rocks. I ordered the candy and chocolate from http://www.ohnuts.com. I packaged these items in separate bags with an adhesive strip. The bags were from http://www.papermart.com.

DSC_0133 DSC_0158


Basic yellow cupcakes with choccolate icing and a sweet little red gummy fish gently placed on top….of course…all swimming in the same direction:)


A tablecloth set right on the stage, besides keeping kids off the stage (which is what I wanted to do!) made a beautiful spot for a dessert buffet! Easy too, since no platters or plates were required! Just lay out your dessert straight on the tablecloth! I used my set of 3 cake platters just to give it that extra bit of attention (as if chocolate frosted cupcakes NEEDS more attention!!) but really…it didn’t take long and it looked so very cute!

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