Rain Stick Craft for Purim by the Sea!

IMG_2636 IMG_2635Rain sticks for Graggers for Purim By the Sea!!!

They are so much fun to make and we will be using this as our craft for our event.

(Because we have other parts of our program we will be nailing all the nails into the cardboard tubes in advance!!….kids love to do this luckily!!)

I purchased mailing tubes from papermart.com and nails from hardware store.

(make sure you know the diameter of your tube when buying the nails so they don’t go all the way through)

Then you simply hammer the nails in circles (see picture) about 5 – 8 times around the length of your tube. (depends how long you want your rain stick)

I bought mailing tubes that were 19″ x 1.5 inches.

Fill them with rice, lentils, beads etc. and place caps on either end (also from papermart.com)

Then cover with blue construction paper or any paper if you plan to paint these…and decorate as you’d like. Modge podge, stickers etc.

(For little ones, either tape with duct tape the caps or tape ends (without caps) securely so the contents doesn’t come out!)

We have fish and sea stickers to go with our theme and here I made a sample with bubble wrap as a fun medium to represent ‘bubbles’ in the ocean.

You can place stickers under bubble wrap too for a neat look!

This is a fun project for preschool, hebrew school etc. and can be used for teaching Cheshvan, Bereishis, siman Brocha, etc.

You will even find yourself sitting on the couch tilting the rain stick up and down, soothed by the sounds of the ‘rain’!!

I’m only speaking from experience!:)

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