Simcha Suds in Memory.

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This post is especially in memory of my dear father a”h.

Purim was his most special and favorite Yom Tov and my memories are so clear, happy and full of creative energy.

When I took a picture of these “Simcha Suds” a concept that my father created many years ago, I was overcome with that longing to see him physically and to show him how he sparked these very ‘Simcha bottles’ here on shlichus in Mill Valley.

These little Mashke bottles that will be mailed to some special out of town baal habatim who help support the work we do. It is a little token of appreciation and an opportunity to connect.

It is lightweight as the bottles are plastic, not glass, and will fit into a beautiful envelope with a home made Hamantash and ‘thank you’ card.

So, as my house has finally come to a calm hum after the busy day, I make a special L’chaim to my Ta.

L’chaim Tatty. I miss you so much. May we celebrate Purim together with our Rebbe in Yerushalayim! May these Simcha Suds permeate the world and bring about the Geulah right now!

With much love from your daughter Chana.

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