Scuba Diver Costume!

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Well, Purim by the Sea is well under way!

Ok…so I am wondering why Mill Valley has ‘mid winter vacation this week in midst of Pre Purim chaos but I think today I really understood.

I had many more helping hands and special moments and although I may feel a bit behind in my endless list, I have once again learned to just let go and be in the moment!

So here are our costumes for Purim by the Sea!

My kids are thrilled to dress up as scuba divers and as you can see from the picture these were home made and sooooo much cheaper than purchasing scuba masks in bulk for a family that will probably:) never use them again!

Ok, so we will all wear black and this costume even suits Tatty’s and Bar MItzvah boys who wish to remain in their black and white (scuba:) attire!….(and if people think they look like penguins, they will still go with the theme!!)

The eye goggles (Scuba masks) were purchased from Home Depot for $2.00!! The Clear tubing was 10 feet and I cut it to 12 inch long pieces. Then I taped the top with yellow duct tape and attached it to the side of mask. (I slit the tubing in half, then made two slits on the sides of goggles and pushed the tubing through , almost like weaving, to keep it attached).

The Scuba flipper feet , I cut out from orange foam (from any craft store) and I cut the yellow duct tape to match the flipper design that scuba divers wear. (My kids said they look like duck feet , so to avoid this happening to you, you may want to try black duct tape:).

The fish net we will hang up at our venue and attach the life savers to keep with the theme. Again…these were really cheap! I bought the foam rings from a craft store and a roll of red satin ribbon and glued them on with a glue stick!

All set for a fun Purim! Can’t wait!

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