Purim Puppet Theater!

I taped the top of the puppet theater cloth to the table with painters tape (removable tape)
Here I taped the top of the puppet theater fabric to the top of two chairs with painters tape.
You can even tape this to the doorway of a room and keep the fabric extra long for older , taller kids, so they can make their puppet show while standing. Just tape the corners to the doorway or add a brad to each corner attaching another ribbon, to which you can then tape or tie to a doorway or hook.

I think this is my favorite Purim craft so far!

I’m not sure who will have more fun, the kids who get to make this and take it home with their puppets or ME…who couldn’t sleep from figuring out the details!!

Ok , so here is the how to:

  • Cut material (a twill or heavier material will work better than a thin, light weight material. I cut my material to fit the height of my dining room table….assuming this will be an easy way for kids to play puppet theater.
  • Cut 3 sides of a square in the upper middle of fabric. Leave the top of square un – cut.
  • Using ‘Brads’ (found at Michaels or craft store) push through ribbon on back side and front side just above the closed part of square you just cut. This is now how you will roll up your ‘window’ and tie up to make your ‘show’!
  • Then attach a brad through a ‘clip board’ clip (sold at office supply stores) , then clip on another piece of ribbon on each side. This will be used to hold puppets and act as decor so they can change this to other yom tov content and story line.
  • Attach a piece of chalkboard contact paper (it will not stick well to fabric) using two more brads at the top of ‘chalkboard’ sign.
  • Use chalk to write down show times! IT REALLY works!!

Have fun! This is a project that is very long lasting and will support children learning and living the yomim tovim. It also gives me a consistent way to teach storyline…building their collection of Jewish puppets.


A special thank you to my dear friend Lily Kanter Sarosi who kindly donated the stunning fabric for this project! She has her own line of exquisite linens and furniture. You can take a look at her website www.serenaandlily.com.

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