Hamantashen ‘dough’ makes SENSE!

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It’s always fun to use a variety of textures to learn!

Use all the senses to experience Purim!

Here, these Hamantashen really make sense!

Felt circles cut out with pinking sheers (or regular scissors) create fun soft Hamantash!

After cutting out circles, use any soft “filling”….I used something called wool roving but even pompoms will work!!

Pinch your Hamantashen corners with either Strong extra thick tacky glue or extra strength glue dots.

You will need to hold corners pressing well, to keep them secure. (if using glue, you may want to get some clothes pins to pin on corners just to keep together until dry.)

Use these cute Hamantashen for ANYTHING! On a ribbon for a necklace, on front of cardboard box for Mishloach Manos, for the top of a paper towel roll filled with beads etc. as a gragger….the list is endless!

You can even sew these onto a long ribbon and make a Purim Garland decoration to show off the work of your preschool, mommy and me or Hebrew school!

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