Gragger in a bottle!

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A simple Gragger!

Use a clear plastic bottle with lid and fill with whatever you wish!

Sequins, gemstones, candy (to keep kids quiet for Megillah reading:) chocolate chips, beads (be careful about choking hazard so adjust according to age).

And then decorate only the lid or the entire bottle, keeping the contents in view for added fun!

I used a Bottle from a craft store near me but even the mini water bottles will work.

You can use the different Washi tapes available to decorate or even stickers for little ones!

Use yarn, fabric, googly eyes, silver paper for a crown….really…just set out a variety of mediums and get your camera ready as each child creates something different!

The lid on a water bottle may be smaller so even a multi colored pompom brings Purim spirit to your gragger!


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  1. Your creativity astounds me, Chana! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas. Hatzlacha raba with all your Purim peulois.

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