Purim Puppets!

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A fun and imaginative way for children to experience the story of Purim a little longer!!

These are the puppets we made (we will add the Popsicle sticks to the backs next week) and honestly, I thought it would be a little childish for the older kids but it was amazing to see all the ages  from 3 – 9, have fun with this!

We had different stations and they went from one table to another making their puppets and bringing them to a table that had paper bags with their names on it to help us keep track of everyone’s items!

I will soon post the Purim Puppet theater that we will be making next week to go home with each child and their puppets!

Just use any kinds of embellishments and crayons etc. to decorate! I used glue dots to stick the toole onto Esther’s shoulders so it looked like a beautiful shawl. For Haman and Mordechai I punched a hole above each shoulder to attach their clothing.

Have fun!

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