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An easy Gragger idea that we will be doing in our Aleph Art Room next week.

I ordered the graggers (maracas) from Discount School Supply and used acrylic paint from Michaels in various colors of silver, glitter silver, matte gold, glitter gold, and bronze.

I was trying to create a King/Queen Scepter with use of silvers and golds and including some silver glitter that was brushed on after with glue. (You get more a shimmer when you add it after your paint dries as opposed to painting it on when paint is wet.)

I used diamond gemstones and yet, you can easily use multi colored gemstones or even the rolls of adhesive pearls, sparkles and glitter which can be found at Michaels or other craft stores.

To adhere, I found that the “Tacky glue” works best.

This is fun and easy for the kids and can also add to their Purim Costume!

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  1. Just an idea, coming from your idea, I was thinking for preschool, how cute it would be if it was made into a little puppet like gragger, Queen Esther, or King Achashveirosh, or Mordechai… with just a few googly eyes and some yarn and felt materials…:)

    1. Thanks for sharing!!! In fact that was my original plan however the maracas ended up smaller than I would have liked and because I do multiple crafts to reinforce the curriculum I felt it would be better to keep this simple and will post my Purim puppets and Purim theater idea soon! Hatzlocha! Let me know if you end up making it into Purim characters:)

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