Purim by the Sea (Part 1)

Fill halfway with sand and slide in a piece of card stock with your message! Add shells to your hearts delight and voila! A bottle of Purim Spirit!

IMG_2368 IMG_2369

Dear Shluchos, it was  a pleasure meeting so many of you at the kinus and I look forwards to being in touch!

I am posting here the beginning of my theme that we are using here and so you may see these ideas in bits and pieces until Purim arrives and it will all take shape!

Here are some ideas that you can use even if you are doing other themes and wish to pull together your colors etc.

Using paper straws and cupcake holders can really pull together a color scheme! (You can find these online on various websites, mine were from www.bakeitpretty.com).

Here I am using straws and cupcake holders that look like bubbles! This will enhance our theme and connect to the entertainment which is a ‘Bubble Man’ who does an hour long bubble show!

The sand and jar will be part of my center piece and was really so easy to make!

I ordered the sand, shells, bottles and fish net (which I will use on the buffet table) from www.saveoncrafts.com.

I ordered the take-out mishloach manos containers from www.mrtakeoutbags.com (I ordered a huge bulk amount as I plan to use these for other events and for giving out hamantashen etc. for favors, mivtzoim).

There are many more ideas to come as I plan to post gragger ideas and mishloach manos crafts and more…iy”h by the end of the day!

Stay tuned, this is gonna be one hectic week! (month….year?:)

Hatzlocha and welcome home!

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