Just Smile!

The original size of these smiles is 6″ wide. 3″ tall from the chin to the top. 4″ Tall from the chin to the tallest part of cheek.

blog smile picture word doc.

I Saw these and honestly, they just made me smile!!

I purchased the ‘smile on the stick’ which I am sure you could find online but I have attached a photo of this smile in case you wish to print it on card stock and cut it out and stick on a large Popsicle stick (sold in Michaels or discount school supply).

It would even be fun to just trace this ‘smile shape’ and have your hebrew school kids make the happiest or silliest smile ever as a Purim costume! (I’d use markers or crayons or paint for older kids and even add some other mediums like red felt for a tongue or white sticky foam squares for teeth!!!

These are really too cute and can be used for any of the following:

  • Use at your registration/pay table for Purim event
  • Use as center piece for a HAPPY PURIM theme.
  • Use in a flower pot by the front door for the day of Purim for extra smiles!
  • Use in your classroom if you teach preschool, grade school etc.
  • Use is your home for each of your kids to get the Purim Spirit going! (I would definitely take a family picture, or kiddie picture holding these up!! How cute!!!)
  • Stick these into Mishloach Manos for Baal Habatim (those that are the more freilich kind:)

The list is endless!!

I used a glass jar filled with red lentils to hold them up well but anything like rice, barley or even gum balls would work!!!

…but really…try one…they do make you smile…and maybe they are perfect as a reminder to smile…even at those moments when you just don’t feel like it!

Hatzlocha! and Keep on Smiling!

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