Basic Tu B’Shvat Baskets


trees Tu B’Shvat Trees pdf

I think kids like baskets, bags, boxes or anything that you can store life’s tiny treasures!

Maybe it’s my ‘kid at heart’ speaking now, but like I have mentioned before, I thrive on containers!!

Here, I bought “Wood berry Baskets” (you can search online for best pricing but I did find some good deals on ebay too as well as from a local craft boutique store.

I printed out “trees” from images I found on google. I reduced the size a bit so they would fit the sides of the basket.

The kids glued them on and added tissue paper in greens, making sweet little leaves.

You can even make each side a different season!! using pink tissue for blossoms, orange and yellow and red for fall leaves, lush greens for summer and maybe some brown tissue for winter.

The kids will get to take them home next week with the fruits in it for Tu’B’Shvat.

If you wish to take it to another step, have the kids modge podge the trees on…this will give it a nice shine!

I like the wood baskets because they are from trees, look earthy and pretty for Tu B’Shvat…but even craft cardboard boxes from Michaels will look great too!

Add a handle if you wish with pipe cleaners or a matching ribbon!

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